One-Of-A-Kind Branding for Online Coaches, Creatives, & Brands 🤘🏼

Branding is so much more than a logo and some vibey photos on your Instagram feed. It's an extension of your business, your offers, and you. It's visual storytelling—because sometimes words can't say it all.

Branding packages starting at $997


Ready to Stand Out?

You can 100% DIY your branding on Canva. Most people do. It's a perfect solution for new coaches and brands who are dipping their toes into entrepreneurial water for the first time.

Then, once your business starts picking up and you're tired of blending in with the rest of the people who jumped on the same trending logo template on Canva—you're ready to step into your next-level business with a fully custom branding package.


Branding Packages

Package 1


Robust Branding

  • Primary Logo
  • Secondary Logo
  • Submark
  • Color Palette
  • Font Pairing
  • 5 Icons or Patterns
  • 10+ Canva Templates
  • Style Guide

Package 2


Moderate Branding

  • Primary Logo

  • Secondary Logo

  • Color Palette

  • Font Pairing

  • 5 Icons or Patterns

  • Style Guide

Package 3


Basic Branding

  • Primary Logo

  • Color Palette

  • Font Pairing

  • Style Guide

Have a custom project? Apparel, podcast art, affirmation decks, stickers, merch—literally anything you can dream up I can make a reality! Fill out the Branding Application and we'll make it happen.

Looking For Branding on a Budget?

Shop the collection of semi-custom logos and transform your online business, programs, or products into eye-catching gems for just $249.

Rachel Turner, Trauma-Informed Business Coach

"These designs are the greatest. I feel emotional. This is beyond what I could have ever imagined. It's been so hard for me to be like, 'I have this vision in my head but I can't clearly communicate it so I'll just keep it inside.' I cannot tell you how seen I feel. This is perfect."

Branding Glossary

Primary Logo is the main graphic used throughout your business. It includes your full business name and sometimes includes your tagline or website.

A Secondary Logo is an alternate version of your primary logo. Some elements may be simplified or rearranged to improve readability as the logo is scaled down in size.

A Submark is a minimal version of your primary logo. It typically does not include text and can be used as an icon when space is limited.

See the Primary Logo, Secondary Logo, and Submark examples below:

Why all the logos? Different sizes and formats of your logo will always be required for various uses. For instance, a short and wide logo (primary) may look perfect in your website header, but not so great for your Instagram profile pic. In this case, you'd want something more compact (secondary). And even still, none of those options would look good as a favicon or in the bottom corner of an Instagram post (submark).


Inclusion Through Art

Everyone digests information differently. Visual processors (like myself) use visual cues to make sense of the world around us. We consume written words and rely heavily on imagery for comprehension and retention.

Those with dyslexia and visual impairments are commonly overlooked in conventional marketing efforts through the use of hard-to-read fonts, "vibrating" colors, and low-contrast designs.

You can make your online brand more accessible and reach a broader community through thoughtfully crafted design and branding.


The Branding Process

I've designed the branding process to be fun and enjoyable for us both. Whether you know exactly what you want and how to "speak design" or you aren't sure where to begin or how to describe your style with words—I know exactly how to walk us through the process together. 

Here's what you can expect: