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Have you ever been stuck in an emotion?

Let’s say you’ve had a challenging few weeks…

You broke up with your partner, your boss is being a dick again, your dog needs surgery, and your bank account is the lowest it’s been in years.

You (understandably) feel like shit. You cry at the drop of a dime and anxiety keeps you up at night. You are in the grip of sadness.

A little time passes and miraculously things are turning around!

You start seeing someone new, your boss is on an extended vacation (byeee!), your sweet pup is all better, and you got a massive tax return!

Everything in your external world has dramatically improved—but internally—you’re still sad as fuck.

This is being stuck in an emotion.

“All emotions are healthy, getting stuck with them is not.”

– Dr. Nicole LePera

You might be stuck in an emotion if…

• Your low mood creates a negative mindset + inner narrative

• You act in ways that are not in alignment with who you really are

• Your thought loops keep creating the same unwanted reality

• You buy into limiting beliefs about yourself + the world


• You’re trapped in a constant state of fight, flight, fawn, or freeze

• You either feel way too much or are totally numb in your body

• You wear a mask so people don’t know how you really feel

• You lack coherence between how you think + what you do


• You allow unconscious thoughts to run the show + lack presence

• You are easily triggered by people, locations, music, energy, etc.

• You find it challenging to get your mood back to neutral/baseline

• You spend a lot of time in your brain + little time in your body

Hi, I’m Leslie and I’ve been through some shit.

Earlier this year my world literally fell apart and for the first time in a long time—I didn’t feel like I had the tools to navigate it.

I wasn’t in a place to work with a therapist at the time, so I took matters into my own hands and turned to the subjects that have always served me: psychology, science, and spirituality.

As I navigated my circumstances and discovered how stuck I was in my negative emotions, I worked diligently to release myself from the trauma loop I was in.

I was genuinely surprised by how quickly I was able to alchemize my pain and turn it into a new reality for myself.

I was equally surprised by how teachable my process is.

Now that I’ve “turned shit into gold (that’s how I’ve lovingly referred to my own journey), I feel privileged to teach this work to women who are energetically stuck and keeping themselves in an unwanted reality.

Are you ready to change or are your problems still serving you?

It’s ok if they are, mine served me for a long time.

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“As long as you live by this (stuck) emotion daily, you can only think in the past.”

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

Our emotions are our survival.

Let’s get one thing clear: Our not-so-fun emotions are intelligent as fuck. Sure, they might not feel good at times, but they do an impeccable job of keeping us out of trouble...


is why we don’t walk down dark allies alone.


is what helps us realize a boundary has been crossed.


is our intuition screaming something’s not right.


is our cue to speak up and communicate more clearly.

But these emotions are meant to be temporary. Once we move through an obstacle, that emotion is meant to fade and your body is meant to return to a state of ease.

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“Following periods of high stress or trauma our nervous system thinks that this ‘danger’ zone is our normal state.”

– Jessica Maguire

It's not you, it's your nervous system.

Nervous system dysregulation can drastically affect your emotional, physical, and psychological well being.

Not only can that result in erratic emotions, thoughts, and behaviors—but it can also hijack your heart and lungs, altering your heart rate and breathing patterns.

(Hi, when I was DEEP IN IT, I physically thought I was dying and found myself at urgent care twice and the ER once in a two-week timespan.)

This is what we call survival mode and it’s the agony of being in a perpetual fight, flight, fawn, or freeze hell-loop.

That’s why my first job is to help you feel safe in your body again.

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Client Love Letters

“I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Leslie. I so much appreciate the progress I have been able to make with her by my side.”

– Angie A.

"Leslie guided me through some of the very tough personal questions that I long had about myself, that I haven’t been able to answer on my own."

– Brittany S.

"Leslie not only helped me tune into my own intuitions more clearly, but lifted my heart and soul at a time that I so deeply needed."

– Michelle D.

"Working with Leslie has been nothing short of amazing! She helped me to see the things in me that needed my attention...The good and the challenging things."

– Lauri'el W.

"Leslie has really helped to get me unstuck. I have had several ‘ah-ha’ moments as well as renewed confidence in myself, and more inspiration to pursue my goals."

– Sarah W.

The Holy Trinity

Through what I consider divine guidance, I was led to the perfect blend of psychology, science, and spirituality to heal myself. Here are some of the modalities I leaned on:


Processing emotions + trauma

Radical self-awareness + forgiveness

Transforming thoughts + behaviors


Neuroplasticity + rewiring the brain

Accessing the brain’s “operating system”

Navigating brain-wave states for change


Connecting to a higher Source

Accessing the Quantum Field

Breathwork, meditation + somatics

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“Heal yourself to heal others.”

– Mother Ayahuasca

I was shown my soul’s divine purpose during my first Ayahuasca ceremony in 2018. Since then, I’ve committed myself to “healing myself to heal others.” And this promise is why I created Unveiling You…

 Unveiling You

The Art of Emotional Alchemy + Quantum Creation

An intimate 4-week experience to release the stuck emotions that are standing in the way of the life you truly desire.


You will immerse yourself in the teachings of Unveiling You through:

– SIX live group coaching calls
– FOUR weeks of Voxer coaching
– Online portal for daily practices

The Unveiling Practice™

The Unveiling Practice™ is a daily ritual which utilizes a combination of breathwork, meditation, and somatic movement. You’ll learn the process by watching a series of videos in the online portal. Used in conjunction with journal prompts, your unique method will slowly build over the course of three weeks.


Call #1: COMMIT
Isolate an emotion; explore its physical sensations and associated mindset.

Call #2: CONFESS
Witness how this emotion has shaped you and begin the surrender process.

UY Portal: Unveiling Practice™ + journal prompts (Part 1)


Call #3: RELEASE
Recognize your patterns and unlearn unloving habits through emotional mapping.

Call #4: REPLACE
Explore the polarity of the emotion and replace it with a potent upgrade.

UY Portal: Unveiling Practice™ + journal prompts (Part 2)


Call #5: EMBODY
Play in the energetics of your new emotion as you bring it into physical form. 

Call #6: EMPIRE
Design a future event and manifest your vision through the Quantum Field.

UY Portal: Unveiling Practice™ + journal prompts (Part 3)


A bonus week of Voxer coaching as you navigate your new reality.

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Live Call Schedule

Call #1: April 25th @ 3pm EST
Call #2: April 28th @ 3pm EST
Call #3: May 2nd @ 3pm EST
Call #4: May 5th @ 3pm EST
Call #5: May 9th @ 3pm EST
Call #6: May 12th @ 3pm EST
Voxer: Begins upon enrollment, ends 5/22

What got you HERE won’t get you THERE. Are you READY to change?

You decided if Unveiling You was for you before you clicked the link.
Trust your intuition.
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How long will I have access to the online portal?
You will have access for life.

Do you offer refunds?
I don’t. I fully trust you to know if this work is for you or not.

What if I can’t make a live call?
All calls will be recorded, however, I encourage you to come to the live calls and be in the energy of the group.

Will we be doing the Unveiling Practice™ live on the calls?
No, you will complete you daily ritual privately on your own.

When will you run the next round of Unveiling You?
Sign up for the UY waitlist and you’ll be the first to know when enrollment is open again.

What is Voxer?
Voxer is a voice and text messaging app. We will have a private group in which you will have access to me between calls for questions and coaching.

Is this round of UY any different than the last round?
YES! This is an upgrade channeled through my own lived experiences this year.

Can I take UY if I was in a previous round?
Yes and there’s an exclusive rate for Sistermind alumni. Send me a DM for your special link!