Semi-Custom Logos

All semi-custom logos include a branded logo, color palette, font pairing, and style guide. Bring thoughtful branding into your online business on a budget and transform your brand, programs, or products into eye-catching gems for just $249.

Milk & Sugar

The playful swoops of this modern yet vintage serif font make it stand out from the crowd. 

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Palo Santo

This sweet and lively script font makes a statement with its hypnotically fluid lines.

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On The Cusp

A walk on the wild side! This edgy logo pairs an alluring Old English font with a moody script.

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Wild Unknown

Delivering witchy, Earthy, and spiritual vibes, this logo was made for magic.

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Eggs & Bacon

This nostalgia-evoking font feels retro yet modern in this bold and playful logo.

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Good Day

The smooth lines of this playful serif font give it a retro vibe with stunning balance.

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Blissed Out

This elegant yet powerful serif font makes a bold statement in a timeless yet minimal way.

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The One

A simple font becomes a unique work of art through the use of upper and lowercase letters.

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This decorative yet delicate font makes for a very enchanting logo.

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Chill Mind

The subtle swooped style of this classic serif font makes timeless characters feel warm and new.

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Sand & Sun

The bold and cheerful lines of this san serif font make for a playful yet polished logo.

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What a Trip

This quirky serif font makes for a one-of-a-kind logo experience with balanced points and swirls.

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The Semi-Custom Logo Process


Once you’ve purchased your logo, you’ll receive an email from me with all the info I need to customize your new branding.


You'll select a color palette and font pairing from the assets library to ensure your branding is unique and one-of-a-kind.


I’ll prepare the logo and build out your style guide based on your chosen brand colors and fonts to keep your branding cohesive.


You’ll receive your branding package alongside video instructions demonstrating how to set up your brand kit within Canva.

Additional FAQs