A 3-part ethical biz mini-training:

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Are you ready to begin unraveling the unethical marketing and sales tactics you've been taught in the online coaching industry?

Coaches are typically empathic humans.

It's often one of the reasons we become coaches in the first place—to support humans who we deeply empathize with.

But when coaches are taught the unethical marketing and sales tactics that “work” for big corporations (aka manipulate people’s buying behavior), it bypasses the very empathy that makes you, YOU.

As an empathic coach myself, it’s become my mission to make the online coaching industry a less harmful and more ethical place.

That’s why I created Talking to Humans.

Talking to Humans is a free 3-part mini-training

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We'll unpack the ways in which traditional marketing often causes harm (to you and your community) & you’ll learn how small shifts in your marketing language can result in a more ethical business.


You'll see why non-stop educational content on social is a thing of the past & how you can connect with humans more authentically (and memorably) when you start having genuine conversations.


I’ll break down the common obstacles that you may (unknowingly) have in place that deter clients from working with you & how you can shift your relationship to sales through powerful invitations.

Bonus! Day 4: Social Media Review

Submit up to three pieces of content to me that demonstrate your budding ethical marketing skill set for review and feedback. This audit is 100% optional and is for those who would like to go deeper.

Making your content more ethical will not happen overnight

Talking to Humans will not undo every unethical tactic you’ve ever learned, but it will help you begin to see there’s a more sustainable and fulfilling way to run your online coaching business.

If you don't instantly see TTH in your inbox, check your promo or spam folder! 📨